Superconductivity and Magnetism is one of the broad areas of research in theoretical as well as experimental condensed matter physics. Scientists are now working on the investigation of Coexistence of magnetism and superconductivity in separate layers of the iron-based superconductors.

Graphene is the first truely 2D material, ever observed in nature. It is one atomic thin layer of sp2 hybridized carbon atoms with honeycomb latttice structure. It has amazing electrical, mechanical and optical properties. Gated Graphene layers are highly suitable for transistors and other nano-device fabrication.



Magnetism and Superconductivity 

(T-GraMS) Lab

The T-GraMS Lab at IIT Ropar was established with an ambition to provide top-notch research in advanced areas of experimental condensed matter physics including science & technology of Graphene and other two dimensional materials, Superconductors, Magnetic materials and Topological Insulators.

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